Steph Curry’s 5 Best Investments

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Steph Curry is nearing billionaire status.

He makes a lot from the Warriors, including a recently signed 4-year $215M contract which is the largest in the NBA.

• $53,750,000/year
• $4,479,166/month
• $149,305/day
• $4,909/hour

Steph Curry makes $524,467.83 per game during the 82-game season.

Steph Curry’s 5 Best Investments

Curry earns over $90M a year and is building an empire off the court.

5) SnapTravel

In 2018, Steph Curry invested in the online travel booking site SnapTravel.

Snaptravel helps users book hotels via apps like Whatsapp.

It was his first tech investment.

4) Unanimous Media

Curry’s media company Unanimous Media is one of his most important ventures.

The films focus on:

  • family
  • faith
  • sports

They have a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

steph curry investing and entrepreneurship

3) Oxigen

In October 2020, Curry invested in a beverage company named Oxigen.

The drink is supposed to assist in muscle recovery and is 100% recycled plastic.

2) TSM

In 2018, Curry invested in the esports organization TSM

The organization has skyrocketed to a whopping $410 million, a significant increase from $250 million in 2018.

1) Tonal

Curry recently invested in Tonal which is an AI-powered machine for people looking to work out at home.

Other athlete investors include:

  • Paul George
  • Lebron James
  • Klay Thompson
  • Serena Williams
  • Rudy Gay

SC30 + NIL

Steph Curry makes all of his investments through SC30inc and Penny Jar Capital.

He has given back through:

  • The Mos and Guild Education
  • Running his own basketball camps
  • Signing college athletes to NIL deals
sc30 and the penny jar by steph curry
“Ensuring people are paid fairly is long overdue and is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed to progress toward an equitable society”

Steph Curry Endorsements

Curry is doing $50M/year off the court

Curry’s original deal with Under Armour was only worth $4M (Nike refused to match citing his ankle issues).

Today Curry makes about $40M/year with UA and owns equity in the company as well.

Under Armour isn’t Steph’s only deal.

His major partnerships include:

• Callaway golf

• CarMax


• Google

• Panini

• Rakuten

Steph is at the forefront of athletes becoming wealthy and not just rich.

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