Serena Williams 5 Best Investments

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Serena Williams will be the first female athlete billionaire.

$94M in tennis money and several big time moves off the court.

Serena got paid well throughout her career.

She earned $94,518,971 from tennis:

• 855–152 singles record

• 37 Grand Slam Titles

• 4 Olympic Gold Medals

Serena is the highest paid female athlete of all-time.

serena williams business ventures

Serena Williams Endorsements

Serena makes over $15M/year from endorsements.

They include:


• Intel

• Nike

• Pepsi

• Wilson

• Gatorade

• Chase Bank

• Upper Deck

• Beats by Dre

• Delta Air Lines

• Audemars Piguet

Serena Williams’s 5 best investments

She currently has a net worth of $225M

5) UFC

Serena invested in the UFC back in 2016.

It has climbed from a $5B valuation to over $10B in 2022.

4) Tonal

Serena invested in Tonal’s 2019 Series C $45M round.

Other athletes that joined her:

• Lebron James

• Steph Curry

• Mike Tyson

• Drew Brees

• Paul George

Today, Tonal is valued at over $1.6B.

serena williams tonal investor

3) Andela

In 2019, Serena invested in Andela’s Series D funding.

Andela cultivates IT talent and is one of Africa’s largest startups.

At the time it was valued at $700M, today it’s worth over $1.5 billion and will IPO soon.

2) Olly

Serena was the lead investor in Olly’s 2014 $6 million funding round.

The vitamin and supplement company was acquired by Unilever in 2019.

It is believed to have sold for over $45M.

Solid 7x investment.

1) Miami Dolphins

Serena Williams acquired a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins with her sister in 2009.

2009: $1 billion

2015: $1.80 billion

2021: $3.42 billon

She still owns her equity stake today.

miami dolphins owner serena williams

How did Serena make all of these investments while still playing?

Through her fund Serena Ventures.

Some notable figures:

• Recently raised $111M

• $33B market cap

• 53% women founders

• 60% diverse founders

The SV team has invested in 50+ startup companies since 2014.

Serena Williams Startup Investments

• Liquid IV

• Mercury

• Poshmark

• Clubhouse

• Chatdesk

• Daily Harvest

• Alchemy 43

• CoinTracker

• Masterclass

• Impossible Foods

• OpenSponsorship

Serena Williams Philanthropy

1. Started the Serena Williams Fund

2. Donated thousands to 13 different charities

3. Raised $65,000 for Kaikoura earthquake recovery

4. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

5. Helped build schools for children in Africa and the Caribbean

Serena Williams is on mission to change the world and she loves investing in startup companies.

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