Patrick Mahomes 4 Best Investments

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Patrick Mahomes will be the first NFL billionaire

$503M in NFL money and several 3x business moves.

The Kansas City Chiefs pay Mahomes well.

He’s on a 10-year contract for a whopping $503,000,000.

It’s the richest contract in sports history.

Mahomes makes over $22M/year from endorsements.

They include: • Adidas • Nestlé • Oakley • Whoop • Panini • Bose • GEHA • Directv • Hy-Vee • Airshare • BioSteel • State Farm • Electronic Arts • Procter & Gamble • Molson Coors Brewing

Patrick Mahomes’ 4 Best Investments

4. The Kansas City Royals

Mahomes bought a $10M stake in the KC Royals.

2005: $187 million 2010: $341 million 2015: $700 million 2020: $1.02 billion

Mahomes went from a MLB prospect to a MLB owner in only 6 years.

patrick mahomes kansas city sports owner

3. Sporting Kansas City

Mahomes also bought a stake in Sporting KC.

MLS Franchise Valuations are on the rise: 2018: $240 M 2019: $313 M 2020: $540 M

Sporting KC currently valued at $557M) has a lot more upside.

2. Hyperice

Hyperice, a maker of performance recovery products, has 20X’ed its revenue from 10M to 200M in just 3 years.

It recently landed a deal with the NFL and is inching closer to a $1B valuation.

Mahomes is an investor and Hyperice brand ambassador.

1. Whoop

In 2020, Mahomes invested in Whoop when it was valued at $1.2 billion.

Today it’s 3x that at $3.6 billion (and rising).

He also gets a nice marketing fee for being a Whoop brand ambassador.

What’s Mahomes investing in now?

• 30 Whataburger’s • Airshare • Buzzer • Biosteel • Dapper Labs

He plans to bring an NBA team to Kansas City one day.

Patrick’s Mahomes Philanthropy

1. Started the ‘15 and Mahomies’ foundation

patrick mahomes charity foundation
2. Raised $600,000 at the inaugural 15 and Mahomies foundation gala, with $225,000 going to 15 deserving charities.

3. Provided 15 scholarships to children of US Navy SEALs.

Mahomes’ Mission:

“I want to do whatever I can to help the world out and try to make everybody feel equal and like they can go achieve their dreams.”

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