Marshawn Lynch’s 4 Best Investments

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Marshawn Lynch is on his way to $100M.

$56,000,000 in contracts, and he just bought an NHL team.

Marshawn’s 4 Best Investments

Lynch got paid well throughout his career.

He earned over $56,000,000 from NFL contracts with the: • Bills • Raiders • Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch Endorsements

He earned the nickname “Beast Mode”, which has been great for advertisers.

marshawn lynch's endorsement with skittles

Lynch makes over $5M/year from endorsements.

They include: • Nike • Zagg • Pepsi • Fritolay • Skittles • Subway • BetMGM • Microsoft • Activision • EA Sports • Progressive

It’s been rumored that Lynch only spent his endorsement money, never his NFL cash.

4) Dodi Blunts

Lynch owns 100% of Dodi, buying them because of their superior product. They are on track to hit $10m in sales for 2022. This investment will continue to increase as the legal cannabis market will reach $25B by 2025.

3) Seattle Kraken

Lynch acquired an equity stake in the NHL team along with rapper Macklemore.

marshawn lynch buys seattle kraken minority stake

Some details: – estimated that he owns less than 1% – the Kraken are currently valued at $850M

NHL franchise values have beat the S&P 500 for 30+ years.

2) NRG eSports

Lynch invested in the eSports team back in 2017.

It was the 9th most valuable team in 2020 according to Forbes at $155M.


Lynch started his own brand before retiring and it’s doing $7-10M in revenue now.

The BEAST MODE brand includes: • apparel • licensing • production films • marketing agency

marshawn lynch beastmode brand and venture fund

Next, he plans on launching a $100 million venture fund for athletes & entertainers.

Marshawn Lynch’s Other Investments

• Portl (hologram video) • Vessl (sports drink) • Oakland Panthers (indoor football) • Beast (fan-controlled football) • PFL (professional fighters league)

He’s always on the lookout for the next big investment.

Marshawn Lynch’s Philanthropy

1. Started the Fam 1st Family Foundation

2. Donated $100,000 of licensing deals from BEAST MODE to charity

3. Bought phones for 3,000 homeless people

4. Hosted 25 kids on a trip to London to watch the Raiders play the Seahawks

“Put others in positions to be successful in every facet of their lives from takin’ care of their mentals and stackin’ their chicken.”

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