Lionel Messi’s 4 Best Investments

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Lionel Messi is almost a billionaire.

$100M in 2021 and several 3x business moves.

A big career comes with big paychecks.

• 40 career trophies
• 10x La Liga Winner
• 7x Ballon d’Or Winner
• 6x Golden Boot Winner
• 4x UEFA Champions League Winner

Messi is currently signed to a three-season $129M contract with Paris Saint Germain.

Messi makes over $50M/year from endorsements alone.

They include:
• Lay’s
• Pepsi
• Adidas
• Huawei
• Konami
• Ooredoo
• Gatorade
• Budweiser
• Jacob & Co
• MasterCard
• Hard Rock Cafe

Lionel Messi’s 4 Best Investments

With a skyrocketing networth, Messi is closing in on $1B.

4) The Messi Store

Messi launched his own clothing brand alongside MGO in 2019.

The store is already doing about $5M in revenue per year.

3) Socios

In March 2022, Messi signed a deal with crypto fan token company.

The deal is worth $20M/year.

Socios pays him in cash, not crypto.

lionel messi adidas lifetime deal

2) Adidas

Messi signed a lifetime deal with the German sports brand in 2017.

He earns $25M annually from Adidas.

Other athletes with lifetime deals:
• Lebron James
• Michael Jordan
• Christiano Ronaldo

1) Real Estate

Messi has made several real estate investments over the last decade.

• 77-bedroom, four-star hotel in Sitges
• Hotels in Ibiza and Mallorca
• Ski resort in Andorra

These are reported to bring in millions of profit every year.

Lionel Messi Philanthropy
– Donated $1.1M to hospitals during COVID
– Took a paycut at Barca so non-playing staff members could be fully paid
– Donated $218k to UNICEF in Kenya
– Financed the construction of a gym for his schoolboy club, Newell’s Old Boys

lionel messi charity

Athlete → Entrepreneur → Investor

Lionel Messi has taken the path of all smart athlete-businessman.

1. Increase contracts
2. Sign big endorsement deals
3. Build out “personal-brand” businesses
4. Invest in private companies + real estate

Future investment?

It’s been reported that Lionel Messi is interested in joining Inter Miami in 2023.

He would come on as a player-owner.

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