Lebron James 7 Best Investments That Made Him a Billionaire

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Lebron James is the NBA’s best investor.

$617,025,003 in NBA money and even more off the court.

Lebron’s 7 Best Investments

Lebron’s NBA salary ain’t too shabby.


• $41.1M/season

• $502,000/game

• $117,000/quarter

• $9,700/minute

• $162/second

At nearly 40 years old, he has the 6th largest contract in the league.

7) Nike

Lebron signed a lifetime deal with Nike in 2015 worth over $1,000,000,000.

It is reported that Lebron’s brand brings in over $600M/year for Nike.

lebron james billion dollar nike deal

6) Lobos 1707 Tequila

In 2020, Lebron invested in the Italian tequila brand Lobos1707.

He invested alongside: • Anthony Davis • Draymond Green • Arnold Schwarzenegger

He invested in the company because of the taste, core company values, and diverse leadership.

5) SpringHill Company

LeBron helped found The SpringHill Co in 2020.

It has already produced major hits: – Space Jam 2 ($200M+) – Naomi Osaka’s documentary

Nike was rumored to be interested in acquiring the company for $750M.

4) Beats By Dre

As a “silent investor,” LeBron made $30 million when Apple acquired Beats in 2016.

Sending Lebron a pair of Beats by Dre at the 2008 Olympics paid off.

lebron beats by dre deal

3) I Promise

LeBron founded the “I Promise” school in 2018 for his hometown of Akron, OH.

Here are the details: • 1,400 students • Free tuition • Web 3.0 courses • $1M in college scholarships

2) Fenway Sports Group

LeBron invested $6.5 million for 2% of Liverpool FC in 2011.

Last year he parlayed the investment (now valued at $80M) into Fenway Sports Group.

Lebron plans to own an NBA team someday.

1) Blaze Pizza

In 2017, LBJ invested $1M into the new pizza chain.

In 2022, his investment is worth north of $70M and he owns 19 Blaze Pizza franchises.

A 7000% increase makes it one of the best athlete investments of all time.

lebron james blaze pizza investment

Lebron James Endorsements

Lebron makes $70m/yr off the court.

His major endorsements include: • Kia • GMC • Beats • AT&T • 2K Sports • Samsung • Pepsi Co • Tencent • Walmart

Lebron James Other Business Moves

Lebron invests $1.5M into his body, fitness, and nutrition every year.

At nearly 40 years old, it seems to be paying off.

Lebron has run with his crew since day one.

• Maverick Carter

• Rich Paul

• Randy Mims

They are the operations behind his investments, sponsors, and foundation.

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