Kyrie Irving’s 6 Best Investments And Business Moves

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Kyrie Irving is the NBA’s most underrated investor.

In 9 years, he’s hit a net worth of $90M.

Kyrie’s 6 Best Investments

The Nets pay Kyrie well.

He’s currently on a 4 year $136.5M contract.

Before NY changed their mandates, Kyrie was losing $381,200 per game not played.

6. PSD Underwear

Kyrie signed an endorsement deal with PSD Underwear that also included equity.

That took place in 2015 and the company has skyrocketed since.

5. Beyond Meat

Kyrie invested in Beyond Meat right before they went public 3 years ago.

He entered this round along with: – Deandre Jordan – Chris Paul – Maya Moore – JJ Reddick

The stock went from $25 at IPO to over $200 in one year.

4. Uncle Drew

Kyrie has partial ownership of his fictional character “Uncle Drew”.

He earns kickbacks from Pepsi along with the 2018 movie.

uncle drew movie starring kyrie irving

3. SkullCandy

Upon their partnership in 2016, Kyrie was provided an equity stake as well.

Less than a year later, Skullcandy was acquired giving Kyrie a nice payday.

2. Nike

Kyrie is earning $5-10M/year with Nike.

His signature shoe line produces enough royalties to set his family up for life.

1. KAI Eleven Consulting

A venture capital group assisting underrepresented entrepreneurs across many fields.

Kyrie’s first investment was a $500,000 seed investment for Fleeting, a black-owned commercial trucking company.

kyrie irving nike deal

Kyrie Irving Endorsements

Kyrie is reported to make over $18M a year from his endorsements.

Some of them include: • Pepsi • Footlocker • Eastbay • Nike • PSD Underwear • 2K Sports • Skullcandy • Panini

Kyrie’s Philanthropy

Some charitable acts: • Paid tuition for 9 college students • Bought a home for George Floyd’s family • Donated $300,000 to City Harvest • Brought clean water to a Pakistani Village • Provided $1.5M to WNBA players

“I am more than an athlete. I have a responsibility to myself, my community, and my future children to fight for something that is much bigger than myself and the game of basketball.”

kyrie irving charity and philanthropy

Recap of Kryie Irving

Kyrie Irving has had a rollercoaster NBA journey thus far.

But three things remain true: 1. He’s really good at basketball 2. He’s an underrated businessman 3. He’s extremely generous with his money

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