James Harden’s 4 Best Investments

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James Harden could one day be a billionaire.

$268M in NBA money and a 40x business move.

James Harden has had an amazing career in the NBA.

He is currently signed to a 2-year $68M deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

And is the 9th highest-paid athlete in the world.

James Harden’s 6 Best Investments

So how’d Harden amass such a fortune?

4. Art of Sport:

Harden teamed up with body cure brand ‘Art of Sport’.

It was co-founded by Kobe Bryant and is currently worth around $25M.

3. Soccer Teams

In 2019, Harden bought a $15M stake in the @HoustonDynamo and @HoustonDash.

They were valued at $280M at the time.

Just last year, the combo was acquired by Ted Segal for $400M.

Harden held on to some of his initial stake.

houston dynamo and dash james harden

2. Adidas

Harden invested in his future by signing a 13-year deal with the German brand.

The deal is worth nearly $200M ($15M/yr).

He has the 2nd largest @adidas deal behind only Lionel Messi.

1. BodyArmor

Harden invested in the sports drink in 2014 at a $60M valuation.

Other athlete investors included:
• Kobe Bryant
• Naomi Osaka
• Andrew Luck
• Rob Gronkowski

In 2021, Coca-Cola acquired @DrinkBODYARMOR in an $8B deal.

Harden reported more than a 4000% gain.

What’s James Harden investing in now?

─ Saks (@saks)
─ 13 Endeavours
─ Pura scents (@pura)
─ Autograph (@Autograph)

James Harden Endorsements

Harden makes over $19M/year from endorsements.

They include:
• Adidas
• Gopuff
• Spotify
• Amazon
• EA Sports
• State Farm
• BodyArmor

And did you know…

That shaving his beard would cost James Harden over $10M/year?

james harden beard

Harden’s Philanthropy

1. Donated 5000 supply packs to Haitians

2. Founded the ‘3 The Harden Way Inc.’ to provide higher learning opportunities

3. Donated 3000 meals to Houstonians worked to provide water and plumbing help after a winter storm.

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