22 Ventures

Michael Redd’s investment platform for small businesses and startups. Their goal is to support and provide a platform for entrepreneurs.

Next Play Capital

Ryan Nece’s minority owned investment platform that partners with top tech companies.

Barnes and Co

Harrison Barnes’ Firm invests in financial services as well as B2B financial technologies.


Ronnie Lott’s Firm looking to partner in the technology space.

Concrete Rose Capital

Firm invests in ventures led by underrepresented founders of color, fostering inclusivity. Andre Iguodala is a General Partner.


Steve Young’s Middle Market PE firm.

Techlete Ventures

Ryan Mundy’s Alternative asset management company that invests in VC, PE and Digital Asset Opportunities.

Brand Velocity Group

On a mission to disrupt the PE landscape in a way that benefits all stakeholders. Eli Manning is partner.

KAI 11 + Lockstep Ventures

Kyrie Irving’s Firm that invests in underserved areas hoping to promote growth and strengthen communities.