Draymond Green’s 4 Best Investments

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Draymond Green said he will be a billionaire by 40 years old.

$130M in NBA money and several big-time moves off the court.

The Warriors pay Draymond well.

He is on a 4-year $99.6M contract.

In other words:
— $25,000,000 a year
— $304,878 a game
— $76,219 a quarter
— $6,351 a minute

Draymond Green’s 4 Best Investments

Draymond’s net worth is reported to be $50M, but it’s probably much higher.

4) Lobos 1707 Tequila

In 2020, Draymond made an investment in the tequila brand.

He invested alongside:
Lebron James
• Anthony Davis
• Arnold Schwarzenegger

Green invested in the company because of the taste, core company values, and diverse leadership.

3) Blink Fitness

In 2018, Draymond invested in 20 Blink Fitness gyms.

He owns almost 1/5 of the total supply.

With total revenues of ~ $375M, each gym does about $3.4M in revenue a year.

draymond green blink investment


Green is an investor in Lebron James’ athlete empowerment media company.

It is a part of the $725M SpringHill brand.

Nike, Epic Games, RedBird Capital, and Fenway Sports Group all own stakes.

1) Smile Direct Club

Green invested in the orthodontics service in 2015 when it was valued at $100M.

Smile Direct Club IPOd at a $9B valuation.

Draymond 40X’d his investment.

What else is Draymond investing in?

— Snackpass
— Rumble Boxing
— Main Street Advisors
— Performance Inspired

Along with these, Draymond also runs his own fund, 100k ventures.

Draymond Green’s Endorsements

Green earns roughly $4M/year from endorsements alone.

They include:
• Nike
• Ciroc
• Subway
• Converse
• Hugo Boss
• Beats By Dre
• Turner Sports
• Apple Fitness+
• SurveyMonkey
• Mercedes Benz
• Smile Direct Club
• Major League Fantasy

Draymond Green’s Philanthropy

• Donated $3.1M to Michigan State
• Bought Christmas gifts for 30 kids
• Donated $100,000 in honor of former teammate Adreian Payne
• Delivered 20,000 lunches to those in need

Draymond’s Plan to Hit $1 billion

1. Hang Around the Right People
2. Make Smart Investments
3. Keep Spending in Check

“Every day, every decision I make, ‘How is this helping me become a billionaire?’”

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