$50,000 Could be The Minimum For College Athletes

Did you know that college football and men’s basketball players in major conferences could expect to earn a minimum of $50,000/year? Five-star recruits could have NIL earning potential of more than $1 million per year. Four-star recruits could earn well into the six figures. Lower-ranked recruits could anticipate roughly $50,000/year. All of these statistics were […]

Naomi Osaka’s 4 Best Investments (Richest Female Athlete)

Naomi Osaka is the highest-paid female athlete in the world. $53M in 2021 and several big-time moves off the court. Osaka is impressive on and off the court: • 256–140 singles record • 4 Grand Slam Titles She is the 20th highest-paid athlete in the world for a reason. Naomi’s 4 best investments She currently […]

Shaq Turned A Failed Marketing Class Into a $1B Company

Shaq’s business idea received an “F” from his college professor. That “idea” is now worth nearly $1 billion. Here’s the quick story:  1) Shaq was an absolute beast at LSU.  In his 3 years he averaged: • 21 PPG • 13 RBG • 5 BBP He was the #1 pick in the 1992 NBA draft, […]

How Much Money Olympians Make (5 Richest of All-Time)

0.0013%. Those are the odds of becoming an Olympic athlete. Incredible. While I haven’t watched the winter Olympics yet, I still find the athletes competing in it incredible. But how do their athletic abilities convert to financial success? It’s not as great as you think. But first, here are some that have crushed it… The […]

Brett Favre Allegedly Scammed $7M From The State of Mississippi

I’ve built The Petcash Post around positive stories of athletes and their business endeavors. I hate to portray negative stories, but I can’t skip over today’s as it impacts the ability for other athletes to properly conduct business. And, unfortunately, it involves one of my favorite NFL players of all time. (side note: I root […]

NIL Year One: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

If you haven’t heard the opening statement of Jimbo Fisher on national signing day in front of Texas A&M’s media team, it’s a 3-minute rant that defies the unwritten rules of the coaching profession. Better yet, watch the video here. Jimbo came out prepared to lay down a gauntlet for anyone who would challenge his […]

Pro Athletes Caught Stealing Millions of Dollars + How It Will Impact Sports

A few months ago, 18 former NBA players were found of scamming the NBA’s healthcare system out of $2.5M. I hate reporting negative news about the business of athletes x sports. But I have to expose the dark before the light can shine through. Let’s get into it 👇 A Million Dollar Rug Pull Earlier […]

Money (and Tactics) Behind Colleges Switching Apparel Brand Sponsors

When I arrived at Boston University, every sport had its own apparel sponsor. Basketball was Nike. Field Hockey was New Balance. Lacrosse was Bauer. Etc…. All of my initial gear was Nike until Under Armour came along and signed the entire athletic department over to UA. I went from wearing Kobe’s to wearing Curry’s basically […]

Athletes Are High-Paid Employees (2 Prime Examples)

I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but I have been following the MLB lockout situation. What interests me is the battle between the players and owners. Both need each other, but both have their selfish interests in mind. And most of it boils down to the green paper with dead presidents on it. Eventually, […]