Antonio Browns 4 Best Investments

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Antonio Brown is the NFL’s smartest businessman.

$100M in NFL money and array of businesses off the field.

Antonio Brown’s NFL Contracts

AB got paid well throughout his career.

He earned over $100M from NFL contracts with the:

• Raiders

• Patriots

• Steelers

• Buccaneers

He was the highest paid WR in the history of the NFL in 2017.

Antonio Brown Endorsements

AB makes over $3M/year from endorsements.

They include:

• Nike

• Meta

• Pepsi

• Xenith

• Skittles

• Rite Aid

• DirecTV

• PizzaHut

• EA Sports

• Fashion Nova

• Campbell’s Soup

Brown has over 10 million followers on social media which helps boost his brand value.

But it takes money to make money

Antonio Brown endorsement deal

Antonio Brown’s 4 Best Investments

4. Music

AB launched his new album “Paradigm” last week.

Vydia production pays him $5m/yr to drop his music on their platform.

He’s appeared in collaboration videos with other artists and is performing at @RollingLoud.

3) Real Estate

AB founded Boomin Estates a few years ago to start owning properties.

He partnered with Floyd Mayweather’s $100M commercial real estate company.

He also owns the Florida gym 84/7 along with 5 homes throughout the US.

2. Web 3.0

After AB’s Week 17 exit, an NFT was released.

It sold at auction for $20,000.

“NFL and Nike only payed me 5% of my royalties on jersey sales. I missed out on $9-10 million”

AB is a fan of ownership through Web3.

antonio brown cars

1) Boomin Productions

Brown created the catch phrase:

“Business is Boomin”

The Boomin brand includes:

• apparel

• licensing

• publishing

• entertainment

Next, he plans on launching a sports apparel brand with Kanye West.

Antonio Brown Business Ventures

– President of Donda Sports

– CAB Cars (luxury rental car service)

– CAB Records (own record label)

– Touchdown Brown

He’s always on the lookout for the next business opportunity.

Antonio Brown’s Philanthropy

1. Started the Live Your Vision Foundation

2. Donated $100,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

3. Bought backpacks for 1,000 students

4. Hosted a picnic where he gave out free shirts, food, and bikes

What’s his mission?

“I am a star – not because of football, I choose to do that!

I got so much more to offer the universe:

• Music

• Fashion

• Sports

Most importantly empowering the youth.”

Antonio Brown is a misunderstood business man — with a lot of money to back it.

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