$1B Business of The Super Bowl

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The price of a Super Bowl ticket has increased 72400% since 1967.

The $1B business of the Super Bowl

For nearly half a century, the NFL has hosted a “Super Bowl” featuring the two best teams.

Super Bowl I Business

SBI was played in 1967 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers.

Player Salary: $25,000 Coach Salary: $36,000 SB Bonus: $15,000 Avg. Ticket Price: $12 Attendance: 61,000 Cost of SB ad: $42,000 Inflation: 3.09% Gas: $0.32

The Packers won 35-10.

Modern Super Bowl Business

Sunday’s matchup between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will be the 56th SB.

super bowl stadium
Player Salary: $2,000,000 Coach Salary: $6,700,000 SB Bonus: $150,000 Avg. Ticket Price: $8,772 Attendance: 70,000 Cost of SB ad: $6,500,000 Inflation: 7.5% Gas: $3.41

Economic Boosts From Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is projected to bring between $234M-$477M to LA.

Major beneficiaries: • hotels • restaurants • airports • bars

It will also create $22M in tax revenue along with 3000 new jobs.

Commercial Money

In 1967, SBI was aired by both CBS and NBC – which meaned double the ads.

In 2021, in-game ads generated $434.5 million and is anticipated to rise again.

super bowl ad costs over the years

The halftime show in 1967 had marching bands, in 2022 we get hip-hop artists.

Athletes Taxed in California

Every player on the winning team will receive a $150,000 bonus (sort of).

If the Bengals win, then high income players would owe $48,000 in taxes to the state of California based on their 50% rate.

Gambling Numbers Behind the Super Bowl

Over $7.1B is expected to be wagered for this year’s Super Bowl.

The insane part?

That equates to $21.40 per US citizen.

NFL = Big Business

$60M+ on tickets for the SB $3B from networks for airing rights $1.5B from partnerships $100 of millions from merchandise

nfl revenue compared to other sports leagues

The NFL makes billions of dollars.

The Super Bowl is expected to generate $17B+ in spending nationwide.

An average fan will spend $88 on food, decorations, and gear to watch the game.

9% of fans will buy a new TV and 6% will buy new furniture.

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